Saturday, March 12, 2005

New carseats for the twins after M5 nearly strangled herself!

I am posting this EVERYWHERE I go online. This was so scary. Maribeth at 16 lbs and 13 months can get out of the Graco 3 pt infant seat. She gets both legs out from behind the buckle that goes between the legs and slips her head out and under. When we moved the chest clip farther up right under her neck - she got her legs out and flipped over and almost strangled herself trying to get her head out. Her face was already turning blue when I could pull over and get to her.

I will tell everyone from now on to buy 5 point NOT 3 point infant seats. We went straight to T.J. Kiddie store as they sell Britax. . The saleslady there said with smaller/older babies that happens a LOT with the infant 3 point seats - but not with the 5 point. A 3 point would be o.k. for bigger babies who would be out of them before they get really mobile - which is why I never had a problem with my older ones as they were 20 lbs by 8 months or so and in a rear-facing convertible seats. So we just bought Britax marathons for both girls. Well charged - ugh.

I just can't believe how scary that was. If I had ANY idea something like that could happen - I would have made sure to get 5 point infant seats. I bought new carseats for the twins too - rather than use the old one. So please if you are having a baby - don't use a 3 point infant seat - make sure you have a 5 point one. Or if your baby is a smaller older baby - just go ahead and get a convertible toddler seat don't take the chance on leaving them in a 3 point infant seat. The worst could have happened if I hadn't been able to get over when I did. I will be contacting Graco on Monday about this.

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