Monday, March 07, 2005

Michael Misbehaves

What do I do to a 4 year old boy that sprays his sisters with a garden hose outside in February?

It was a nice sunny day out here - chilly - but not freezing. A good day to get the kiddies outside for a while. I caved and let the twins crawl around outside on the lawn even though both already have colds and Maribeth is running a fever with an ear infection.

Well - without my noticing (he was behind me) Michael turns on the tap, then sprays the sprayer on the garden hose right on the twins. (One of those more high-pressure sprayer thingys - Allan was using it to wash some stuff up.) Megan got blasted straight in the face. The end result was both twins soaked through to the skin and shivering. He also managed to get Melissa and Maddy some (they moved quickly, but the twins were just stunned and sat there) and then he sprayed ME when I went to take the hose away.

My immediate reaction on wrestling the hose out of his grasp was to spray HIM with the hose to see how he liked it. The problem was that he found it far more funny than the girls did. Michael got quite a long time-out while I got the shivering, soaked-through-to-the-skin twins dried off and into bed with clean clothes and warm bottles.

This is on top of such antics today such as:
  • repeatedly turning on the dishwasher when it's got clean dishes inside or only half full.
  • opening the door to the dryer so it stops and backs up laundry,
  • leaving the water running in the bathroom after playing with water in the sink
  • and attempting to use my cello in the case as a slide.

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Gail said...

Naughty boy! Maybe a trip away will bring about some change.