Monday, January 31, 2005

Too cute to not blog this!

Megan, exploring the floor
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

This photo, along with some others, was taken in December on a smaller CF card and we missed downloading them until now.

The twins are such adorable sweeties and so far pretty agreeable. I remember power struggles with the older ones once they started crawling around - but so far the twins get into way less trouble / messes over all and listen much better than the older ones did at their age.

Yesterday it was sunny and relatively warm - so I decided to open the door and air out the house as I was working in the kitchen (our door is in our kitchen). Megan and Maribeth crawled over to the door and started to crawl out of it.

"No Megan. No Maribeth. Stay inside," I called to them.

They immediately stopped crawling and sat and turned to look at me.

"Come here, come away from the door." They both got big grins and came crawling to me. I have to admit I was shocked!

I've got a couple of theories - one is that maybe God has blessed us with some more laid back children! Another is that they see the older children following instruction so can maybe sense that's expected? As far as just getting into mischief - they have the 3 older children to interact with and that may counteract the lure of the forbidden. Theory number three is that the older children are pretty good at catching the babies getting into things they shouldn't.

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