Monday, January 31, 2005

Last of the Innocents

Megan and Maribeth have inducted themselves into the M's league of destruction. They proved the axiom again, "It is the quiet ones you have to watch out for."

I was mopping the kitchen and had blocked the girls off (see my previous post) in the living room, safely away from the wonderous mop bucket of bubbles. Of course they noisily protested for the first 10 minutes and then wandered off to the far corners of their pen to find toys or crumbs or something else of interest. I managed to finish up the kitchen without hearing too much more from them, and then I moved into the bathroom, just around the corner, to finish up the floor. I could still hear them giggling excitedly over some trinket they found.

Five minutes later, when I emerged from the bathroom, having dumped out the mop water and flushed the toilet, I realized I could not hear them anymore.

Curious, I ventured past my barricade to see what they were up to. I found them hiding behind the excersaucer busily unspooling an audio tape!

Thus our twins have made their first entry (at least as far as I'm concerned; Cheryl says she's caught them at this already) into the long catalogue of mangled books, video tapes, and scratched CD's which was started by Melissa, augmented by Michael, and expanded into multiple volumes by Madeleine.

Sigh, 'tis the end of the beginning. Our babies are growing up.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! It's Molly from the MOMYS digest.
I saw your link on MOMYS and wanted to take a peek. Cute pic's! :o)
Would you like to be included on the list at WAHC?
All we do, basically, is just swap links.
If you'd like to, just follow the instructions on the page and I'll get you up on there as soon as I can (which could mean today, or next week, depending on how life goes--harharhar!). :o)


Cheryl said...

I'll try and do that. Thank you for posting.