Thursday, January 27, 2005

Melissa's Mix-up

That was fun!
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It was a disappointing start to the day for Melissa. Auntie Gail and Grandpa were going to stop by on their way to the airport so the kids could say good-bye to Gail who is moving to PA and Melissa had been promised she could ride along with them to the airport. Grandpa phoned at 11am to let me know that Gail was running too late for them to stop by and still make her flight.

Melissa was disappointed that "Auntie Gail forgot about me". This was soon followed up with "Can you call Grandmommy to come get me instead?" Unfortunately Grandmommy is sick and not planning a trip to the West Coast anytime soon.

In talking to Melissa I soon realized the reason for her distress. She thought she was supposed to be going ON the airplane with Auntie Gail and Grandpa for Auntie Gail's wedding! Now that was a big communcation mix-up!

I explained that Grandpa wasn't going with Auntie Gail just dropping Auntie Gail off at the airport and the that wedding wasn't for months. Reassured that she wasn't missing Auntie Gail's wedding - Melissa was willing to be consoled with a photo shoot. She wanted Auntie Gail to see what the house looks like now with the bunk beds down and boxes everywhere. Check out our flicker pages for Melissa's tour of the packing progress!

Melissa also discovered that the giant U-haul wardrobe boxes make a great slide when leaning up against the bed. This photo is taken AFTER the trip down the box slide.

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