Thursday, January 20, 2005

Quick Trick Box Stack

one more try
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl

I can make a quick trick box stack. Kids can make a quick trick block stack...

The boxes stacked around the house are awfully tempting for the small children. Interestingly enough - since the box stacks showed up - the M's have been making more blocks stacks than ever before!

.. Kids with blocks come. Kids with box come. Kids with box and blocks and socks come ..

Sillines aside now: in this photo Maribeth's haircut can be seen. Note that her bangs are shorter. Unfortunately - Gail didn't save the hair for the baby book - so I'll have to do another "official" first haircut later on. You'll also notice that Melissa has bangs for the first time - but has already decided she wants to grow them out again.

"It's just hair Mommy: it will grow back in a while".


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