Saturday, January 15, 2005

While the kids are away...

the babies play! Scuffling, crawling, babbling and giggling sounds are coming from the big kids bedroom. It's the mischieves duo explorering forbiddon territory all on their own without any big sisters or brother to yell "NO BABIES". I'm very happy to hear happy baby sounds because it means they are feeling better. Though I suspect the older children may seriously regret NOT having picked up their room when they get back. Michael, Melissa and Maddy went with Daddy to church this morning while I stayed home with the twins.

It's been a rough week. Everyone has colds and coughs and I am fighting off another sinus infection. The babies ran high fevers for several days early this week so I took them to the doctor on Tuesday and it turns out they both have ear infections again. Beth and I got food posioning and I spend Wed in the hospital getting IV rehydration. Beth spend the day in bed, Allan skipped work to watch the 5 M's solo. Beth was well enough on Thursday to travel back to Maine - so she is back home now and resting up there.

I unfortunately managed to pass food poisoning on to Maribeth - so she ended up sick and puking all day Friday. We managed to avert a potentional ER trip with her with some Gravol suppositories. The antibiotic is starting to work on their ears but is having the unfortunate side effect of diarrhea. Megan is being particuarly hard hit with it as she is no longer breastfeeding, can't drink soy and dairy formula makes it worse.

A phone call to my Dad this morning led to a strategy that seems to be working - rehydration formula drink instead of formula in bottles for Megan mixed with sugar free drink mix (generic Crystal Lite). After her nap she guzzled down a 6 oz bottle of that no problem! Sometimes it's a good thing that Megan will drink ANYTHING!
Then she is to eat binding foods - rice cereal mixed with acidophilus, banana, applesauce, strained carrots, crackers and toast bits. Foods to avoid are other fruits and dairy products. Lunch was rice cereal with acidophilus and applesauce and both girls are doing so much better. Better enough to be crawling around the floor and playing together and...oh no...ripping up books....all for now.

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Gail said...

Wow, food poisoning! I had no idea all this was going on this week... if people (big and small) are well enough, maybe we can go somewhere tomorrow. Is sledding on Mt. Seymour an option?