Thursday, January 20, 2005

I brush and floss!

I brush and floss!
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

Auntie Ally did a wonderful job teaching Melissa about dental hygeine last winter. If Melissa forgets to brush - all you have to say is "what would Auntie Ally say about that?" or "uh oh - we better call Auntie Ally" and Melissa will run for her toothbrush in a panic screeching "No, don't call Auntie Ally, don't tell her - I'll brush my teeth RIGHT NOW!". Now if only Michael and Maddy would be so diligent!


Anonymous said...

Boy-oh-boy, Boo really IS cute with bangs! :-)

Gail said...

I was wondering how the sudden fringe would go over with the parental units. Melissa has brushing her hair to one side since it was long enough to fall in her eyes. And uh-oh, I didn't even think about keeping Maribeth's locks. (Have you guys always done that?)

One thing I would predict is that Melissa and Michael are going to get mistaken for being fraternal twins. They look a lot more alike now.

And what did you guys think about their puppet show video?
MJE Productions Presents... Message in a Bucket

Cheryl said...

yes - we've so far saved a snip of hair from the first hair cut for the baby books, but they are packed away anyway - so will snip some off both twins after we are moved. Last semester Melissa wanted her hair to grow for ballet so it could all go up in a ponytail which is why I hadn't cut it. Melissa and Michael do get mistake for fraternal twins pretty often already esp when we're all out together.