Monday, September 11, 2006

S'mores the Stickier

This was Cheryl's idea. Take 9 oven baked s'mores (leftovers from our camping adventures) and combine with 5 silly kids. You don't even have to shake well.

We tossed 'em all into the tub afterwards, then I scrubbed the table, chairs, and mopped the floor.

Yes Megan, it has amazing powers of adhesion on human skin and smooth surfaces!

No, I don't think you should have anymore. Besides, you haven't finished what you've got already. No, eating all the marshmallow and chocolate out from between the graham crackers doesn't count.

Beware any child wielding a sticky, oven-baked s'more in one hand, and a half-chewed sushi roll in the other.

Melissa is the picture of gentility by comparison.

Away wit' ye! Madeleine shooes off the paparazzi.

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