Monday, September 11, 2006

Rolling Our Own

Homemade vegetable rolls. Yum. And they're not as hard to make as one would think.

Interestingly enough, all of the kids liked the salmon rolls I made. Madeleine, who is allergic to fish was happy with the ones I made with some steak. I made three kinds of vegetable rolls - cucumber, vegetable (carrot, cucumber, lettuce), and vegetable (lettuce, bean, carrot, cucumber, and mayo).

Note - These photos are of the leftovers, so they're a little worse for wear. And interestingly enough, these four rolls were conspicuously absent from the fridge when I made breakfast this morning. Therre was however a small dish in the sink with some soy sauce in it. I'll have to quiz the kids if they saw or heard anything during their nighttime visits to the potty when I get home today.


Mama Bird said...

"Yum" is right! I have got to learn to make these.

Sunny said...

We had those last night too. They were just like the ones the GMP had in RI. Also Korean spring rolls-made by Jimmy and his dad.