Wednesday, September 06, 2006

1st day of school

Ready to Go
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Here are the elder three of the M's getting ready for the first day of school; which really was only an hour of "find your classroom/introductions" today. Melissa and Michael both have a number of friends from last year in their classes. Melissa is in the same classroom as last year, just with a differnet teacher as the school re-organized some of the classrooms! Michael has the same teacher this year that Melissa had last year. Maddy is in afternoon K with Mrs. L - who taught Michael last year. They are excited about the first REAL day of school coming up tomorrow (oops - later today - I need to get to bed!).

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Mama Bird said...

I wonder if the school does that on purpose--tracks siblings with the same teachers?

Now we wait to see how their mama's first day (er, evening) of school goes. ;)