Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Edwins at Large: Labour Day 2006

As hinted at on Friday's post, an adventure for the Five M's and their harried parents was in the offing. However this time Gumpa came along!

Four days, three nights, and 650 kms (about 400 mi) later, we're safely home with scads of pictures and a few videos to share. Watch this space.

Day 1 - From: Here at home in the Fraser Valley. To: Nairn Falls Provincial Park, about 3 kms south of Pemberton, BC. Via: Trans-Canada and Highway 99. Distance: 200 kms.

Day 2 - From: Nairn Falls camp. To: Ancient Cedars forest, Showh Lakes Recreation Area and back. Via: Highway 99 and Sixteen-Mile Creek forest service road. Distance: 50 kms.

Day 3 - From: Nairn Falls camp. To: Lillooet, BC. Via: Highway 99 (Duffey Lake road). Distance: 200 kms.

Day 4 - From: Nairn Falls camp. To: Here at home in the Fraser Valley. Via: Highway 99 and Trans-Canada. Distance: 200 kms.

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LarryandJean said...

It sounds like you had better weather than we did for the Labor Day weekend. Glad that you got to enjoy it.