Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sometimes there is nothing to say

A mom on Amity's lost her 5 year old daughter to leukemia. Sydney was almost exactly Michael's age. The disease spread very quickly - only 4 weeks from diagnosis to death. Her mom posted today that even 2 weeks into the treatment - the doctors were sure she was going to make it - she was doing so well. It's heartbreaking. There are threads of condolences. But my "I'm so sorry for your loss - you will be in thoughts and prayers" sounds so trite.

Losing a child so young and so quickly has to be every parents nightmare. You think when you are pregnant that if you can make it past the first trimester - it will be o.k., then it's once the baby is viable. Then after they are born - you breathe a sigh of relief when they get past age where SIDS is a risk. But anything could happen to anyone at any time and most of the time, there's not a thing we could do about it. Life can be so unfair.

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