Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Melissa - Day Two

Melissa - Day Two
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Today was Melissa's second day of school AND valentine's day. Melissa spent over an hour yesterday painstakingly writing out valentines to all her classmates. Given that we had only one day with the class list - I did a first and bought a box of valentines. There were enough left that she's also addressed valentines to the Aunties. They should be going out in the mail soon!

Melissa's 2nd day of school was BETTER than the first. Allan's rather cynical point of view was that was likely due to the Valentines party! She was overjoyed that almost all her classmates HAD remembered to add her to the class lists they got last week. She came home with a construction paper "mailbox" full of Valentines cards and some candy's.

I did a no-no though. I sent her a chocolate bar in her lunch. She wasn't allowed to eat it.

Melissa informed me today, "No candy is allowed at school, Mommy. Just for parties like Valentines day and then we have to take the candy and eat it at home, not at school".

This really IS a strict school. Even private Christian schools didn't go so far as to BAN candy. It's probably for the best. No pop machines or snack machines in the school either.

At home we had the Olympic coverage on a fuzzy CBC on in the background most of the day. I spent a lot of time explaining different sports and the concept of the Olympics. Michael was fascinated with most of it. Maddy just with speed skating and figure skating. There was a lot of twirling, leaping, and jumping going on in the living room this morning!

While the twins napped, we did some Valentines crafts. Michael and Maddy each made a Valentine animal craft that I found on-line. Those they are very proud of and were too much work to send off to anyone. So they are keeping them. They also made cards for Melissa, and started working on cards for relations. Some are the leftover cards from Melissa's bought box. Others are handmade.

I have noticed a huge change for the better in Maddy since Melissa started school. She is happier and behaving better. I'm getting to do more stuff with her. I realized today that I have NEVER shown her how to properly hold scissors! Little things like that have just been missed. She wrote her own name today on her craft, backwards and not quite spelled right, but still it's a big leap for her.

With Melissa at school, Michael actually helps Maddy and explains things to her, like what he's doing. He plays with her too, rather than her always being left out by both the Melissa/Michael duo AND the Megan/Maribeth duo. When I'm not trying to force Melissa through doing actual school work, I can sit and help them with crafts while the twins nap. I actually read a story TO Maddy today. I don't remember the last time that has happened. I read to ALL the kids at bedtime: educational stuff to Melissa/Michael, work on reading WITH Melissa and Michael, and read baby books to the twins. But I haven't been reading books on Maddy's level and hadn't even really realized it.

Michael is ending up doing his math pages and reading practice with me after afternoon snack time. The same time that Melissa works on her homework. The twins and Maddy have spent that time both days watching a Dora video on the TV. Maddy being wiped out enough by the walk to pick Melissa up, that she WANTS to just flop in front of the TV.

I've been amazed so far at how much easier the days have been. I'm hoping it lasts. We'll see, but so far I feel like I have MORE time for the kids; Melissa included believe it or not.

The other bonus? Having to get up earlier, they are going to SLEEP earlier!

Oh and it's Valentines day. I'm not much for "Hallmark holidays" and we had talked about NOT doing anything, but Allan went and picked up tulips for me on the way home. They are very pretty.


Jo said...

You just sound so happy that you are getting to focus more on Maddy and that is so wonderful. I think it's great that Melissa enjoys "real" school and Michael is helping Maddy out too. I still think you are one awesome mama for still being sane with 5 little ones running around the house for so many years. LOL. Big hugs. And those tulips are gorgeous!

Mama Bird said...

What a blessing that things are working out so well for everyone!