Monday, February 27, 2006

Someone likes Kindergarten!

Someone likes Kindergarten!
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Michael started afternoon Kindergarten today. He said it was "fantastic!"

We arrived early and he had already introduced himself to the other K boys on the playground and spent 15 minutes racing around with the other 5 year old boys before school started.

Michael apparently reads well. He has "homework" of 1 easy reader little book (GMP: about the size of a Bob book) to read tonight and one Magic Schoolbus book for me to read to him.

The class also counted to 100 today and make Fruit Loop necklaces with 100 Fruit Loops. Maddy and Melissa were insanely jealous so we stopped at the Safeway on the way home to pick up a package of Fruit Loops. All M's are now munching on Fruit Loops while Melissa and Maddy make Fruit Loop necklaces. (Note: while editing I just got word that the twins have DUMPED the Fruit Loops while I've been here blogging...)

For interested parties - the half day issue has been resolved two ways:

1. I drive Allan to work everyday and THEN drop off Melissa in the morning. That way I have the van. Allan then busses home or catches a ride with a co-worker.

2. Grandpa has retired and when available will be here to watch the twins and Maddy so I can run Michael over to the school and drop him off. Today he stayed with the twins while Maddy and I walked over to the school to pick up Michael and Melissa.

If for some reason I don't have the van (as Allan may still need it some days) then Grandpa can probably do some of the drop off/pick up. Plus our feet all work just fine.

Another side-note: MADDY saw the kindergarten classroom when we picked Michael up. She didn't want to leave and threw herself on the floor in protest. The K teacher told said, "Oh you must be Madeleine. You will be in my class NEXT year." She said there aren't many ahead of Maddy on the wait list, so her guess is that Maddy will get in next year at least for part of the year.

For the interested - Maddy continues to grow up by leaps and bounds every day. We worked on counting today and Maddy counted up to 39!! She also sounded out the word "back".

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Anonymous said...

New TOYS! New Friends! Fun, fun, FUN!

and... YAY for MAddy!!!!