Monday, February 13, 2006

"I've decided I really, really like school"

That's what Melissa said to me when we picked her up this afternoon!
She loves it! "I've decided that I really, really like school and I can't WAIT to go back tomorrow" :) She says that she loves her teacher and she has made "lots of new friends" already. They class had music class today and really enjoyed that. There are 20 kids in the class counting Melissa.

I spoke with her teacher after school. The teacher is impressed with how well she is reading! The spelling words will be easy for her - they are still doing short vowel words. In math the class just today started a new unit on measurements/volume/weight. However, they just finished adding/subtracting up to 12. I *think* she meant up to the sum being 12 - not the 12 plus 12. But I will have to clarify. Melissa hasn't done all of that yet either way with math u see and hasn't had much subtraction - just an intro in primer. Though she does understand the concepts - just doesn't have facts memorized. So we'll need to work on that some. I do have a (very annoying) CD with with math facts songs and flash cards we can use to help with that.

As far as the other kids - this is the calmest day we've had in a long time. No fights or anything between the younger four. Michael and Maddy both did some K and preschool work and they played well together. I think all the walking helped with that.

Allan dropped us off this morning at the shcool and the younger M's and I walked back home. Then to the school to pick up Melissa and back with a detour for an errand on the way home. Total milage just under 3.5 miles today. Kindergarten is out for now for Michael- even if I had a car - it's too much driving and the start time is right when the twins are napping. But I got lots more time than usual to work with him today so I'm sure he'll be ready for first grade in the fall.

After the walk home - we had snacks and the kids played in our backyard for a while. Then Michael went to work on his math at the desk in the living room and Melissa went upstairs to her room to do her homework (one page of spelling work) and to address all her valentines cards for tomorrow. We're going to need a proper desk or table for the big girls room and send the little Ikea table/stools over to the twins or out to the backyard because Melissa is really getting too big to work comfortably at it.

All in all a good first day.


SBH said...

Yippee!! So glad to hear that she enjoyed her first day.

Sunny said...

Maybe you can plan to home-school all of them for K and start them in the traditional school for first grade. Or second or whatever.

Whyme said...

YEAH for good first days of school!

Allan said...

Valentines. Already. Sigh. My Sweet Baboo is growing up.