Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bright, Cold, and Breezy

The weather seems to have turned quite upside down so far this year. January set new records for cloudy days, rainfall, and warm temperatures. February, in contrast, was been cold and bright.

I came home on Friday and took a couple of shots of the plumes on our neighbour's Pampas Grass waving in the evening breeze.

We were hoping to enjoy some of that sun this afternoon, but it started snowing! The kids lasted about an hour on the playground before a big rottweiler showed up (with his owner) and we figured it was a good time to bug out.


Sunny said...

Yeah, it sure is still winter. (How DARE it snow though?)

Candace said...

Our winter has been bizarre, too. And after all the not-so-cold weather, this cold stuff and snow is pretty offensive, LOL! But look at the buds on those trees! :o) The tunnel pic is great!