Friday, April 15, 2005

Good Twins Update

Our Twins
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The twins had a weight check with their family doctor today. They are 14.5 months old. They will be referred back to the pediatrician who cared for them in the NICU for one last check-up at 15 months. Unless he sees anything else he wants to follow - that will be their last follow up appt from being preemie.

The good news is both girls have gained weight! Megan is a hefty 21 lbs 3.5 oz now. No worries there at all! She is on the 25% for ACTUAL age for weight. The doctor has decided NOT to adjust any more for either girl. Megan also demonstrated walking AND talking "all done" "get OUT" "Get DAT" "DOWN" "uh uh". The doctor said Megan is ADVANCED verbally for ACTUAL - not adjusted age!!!!

Maribeth has also had an impressive weight gain. She is now up from 16 lbs even to 17 lbs 14 oz! She is still spitting up a lot but I was instructed to ask the pediatrician about if it would be worth re-starting zantac when we see him in a few weeks. Her weight gain has been sufficient enough to get her back headed up on the curve. So we can now drop the middle of the night feedings.

She also thinks that since both girls are gaining well again - that it's time to start getting them to use sippy cups more than bottles. So we picked up 6 of the little 4oz transitional sippies at Walmart on the way home.

We also spoke to the doctor about Maddy as I was worried about her development. The doctor tested Maddy on things on the 3 year old development sheet.

She diagnosed Maddy with middle child-itis -being between the babies and the older sibs and not deciding yet whether she wants align herselfs with the babies or the big kids.

Basically a a normal 3 year old who had a very rough past year. On the falling over issue (which Maddy DID in front of the doctor) - I was told Maddy is "goofing around and not paying attention - she's not as CAREFUL" about what she is doing as Michael and Melissa. She is within normal developmental guidlines.

I was also cautioned not to compare too much because in a lot of areas Michael and Melissa are advanced for their ages. Plus Maddy is a BIG 3 year old - the same weight as Melissa now - and Melissa is a petite 5 year old. So I may be unconciously - just expecting more of Maddy.

The treatment for Maddy with the potty training, dressing herself, learning to ride her trike - the doctor prescribes "lots of focuesed attention".

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