Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Auntie Ally is here!

Megan's reflection
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All 5 kids and I picked her up at YVR this evening. Allan had a co-op landscaping committee meeting so couldn't watch any of the children. The kids were ecstatic to go along to pick up Auntie Ally instead of going to bed and seeing her in the morning.

But they did get a bit tired and cranky with the 90 min wait caused by my thinking traffic would be worse than it was and Ally having a horrid wait to get through customs.

I only had Megan down from the backpack for about 10 min of the wait. She just kept taking off running on her own so she ended up IN the backpack. Maribeth rode in the seat in the front of an airport luggage cart as our single Jeep stroller got stolen a while back.

We've just got the kids lights off but I still hear thumping around upstairs. I'm hoping it's Allison and NOT the kids or they will be awfully crabby tomorrow.

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Gail said...

Oh no! The Jeep stroller got stolen! :(

I remember when Maddy and I got that, like it was yesterday. I think it was the first time I'd ever taken her out by herself, and I don't think she was two yet.

OK, I found the post, February 8, 2004. Maddy was two by then:

Roo and Attie Gail at Large

Allan was picking up Cheryl at BC Women's Hospital, Michael was at Dad's, and Melissa was in Maine.

Fooey, no more Jeep stroller...