Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Road Home: Sunday update

It's early Sunday morning here. Today is Reunion day so I will be gone all day with Michael to meet my dad's grandfather's family. My grandfather was Edwin Bugnay. My dad's mother's father was Biray. We are going to meet with the children of Biray.

I've cleared off the 512 MB CF card so I will be taking a lot of photos and video on our digicam to augment my dad's video on his Canon DV camcorder.

I've figured it out and day-time here is evening/night there. I probably won't be able to connect again until this time tmorrow.

You can see some terraced fields along the highway down from Baguio.

For those of you SDA's, greetings from the Baguio church. I don't know how to type what they said in Ilocano. We attended there yesterday. It's an odd sensation attending church where about 1/3 of the people who greet you are extended family.

After church we came home and had potluck here with family members, and told stories about who was abroad and who stayed home. I got to show my cousins pictures and video of the twins in their incubators last year.

I am very happy to be here and if anyone has any questions, feel free to post them. I'm happy to share this educational experience with you all.

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