Saturday, April 09, 2005

Maribeth took her first steps today!

Yes a bottle in bed
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No photos of that actual event! She took about 1.5 steps before dropping down but then clapped her hands and went "YAY"! She is so determined to keep up with Megan.

Both girls are teething and pretty miserable with that right now. Maribeth was also cranky about being put IN the bed and not being allowed to touch the camera. It's very hard to photograph her these days because she crawls over very quickly to try and get the camera - followed by SCREAMING if she doesn't actually get it.

I let her hold the camera yesterday and she took a photo of the rug and squealed in delight when her photo appeared on the camera display screen - but then when it went away she THREW the camera hard - it landed several feet away on the floor. So I've decided that she is NOT allowed to have the camera. Amazingly the A30 is still functional!

Goodnight Megan!

Goodnight Megan
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Yes - she's actually smiling because I put her to bed! She is trying to walk more and more - averaging around 4-6 steps before dropping to crawling. Where before she wanted to be put down in crawling position - now she wants to be put down standing up!

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