Wednesday, April 13, 2005

New ballet outfit for Melissa

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New outfit for Melissa's 1st day of preschool ballet II. She is enjoying being in PINK like the other girls this class! I'm personally not as impressed with this teacher though. She just is not as professional looking and I thought some her her music choices were in appropriate. (she also teaches hip hop and she had undies showing herself). I think we may have to start looking into REAL ballet school rather than parks and recreation for next year. Check out flickr for more photos of Melissa's ballet class.

Melissa's first REAL bike ride
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

She didn't ride the whole way but I'm guessing we did at least 1.5 miles maybe more!

We are working on street safety, following instructions, and steering to avoid potholes. We need to do this a few more times with Melissa before we add Michael into the mix as he is a much faster and more erratic cyclist!

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cousin Maureen in NY said...

She looks so cute. The last time I "saw" her was when she was 9 months old!