Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What a day

Allan, Michael, Grandpa and Grandma are off to the Phillipines. Flight 11 Japan airlines to Tokyo and then another flight to Manilla. Then the trip to Baguo. They will arrive 4am Thursday morning local time.

We took the middle bench out of the van (with twins convertible seats still attached as they are extremely difficult to get in/out - it took Allan HOURS to install them initially). This left room for the boxes - SIX 70 lb boxes Grandma and Grandpa are taking to relatives there plus their carryon's with clothes, Michael and Allan's big duffel for check, Allan's backpack and small duffel for carryon, Michael's rolling carryon and backpack. It was a TIGHT squash but we all squeezed in - the van complaining under the weight. Already it had been having difficutly shifting for the past couple of weeks - so I had concern for the transmission under the load.

Once we got to the airport I dropped them off and then went to park, meeting them back in the LONG line. All the backage had to go through secruity check before being checked. I had lunch there with them at the Burger King in the airport before heading back to the van.

Unfortunately - the van was now surrounding by LONG trucks parked VERY close and another very long truck behind. Long and sad story - despite my best efforts at extracting the van - the front right corner of the van made contact with a very large concrete piller in the exiting process. I am sad to say - our record of "no body damage to the van" has ended. I'm sure Allan, Grandpa or Gail could have got that van out (why I didn't go in and GET Allan I don't know as they were still at the tables at the Burger King when I left). I will have to investigate what it will cost to fix that at some point - though right now I'm figuring I'll wait for Allan's return to do so as the van is operational and the front light is still fine.

Crunched van
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A view of the damage.

The drive back was in both very heavy rain and traffic. The van still was not driving well even without the load. So I decided to stop by the Mr. Lube in Guildford (where I've been getting oil changed on the van for years) on my way back. Good thing I did! The transmission pan was missing a screw, there was no gasket, just silicone which was coming off, there was not enough transmission fluid and what there WAS was black sludge instead of pink liquid. The filter was also almost clogged solid. So in addition to an oil change - I had the transmission serviced with all new fluid, the gasket put in, they put another screw in. Apparently we were not far from having burned out that transmission had we continued driving!

Grandmommy is here!
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Actually she's been here since Sunday night - but things have been too crazy to have time to take photos until today.

Here she is reading stories to the girls. As you can see - she has even won Megan over.

It was past 3pm when I finally got back home where mom was very ready to see me. In short order the babies were cuddled, changed, bottled and put down for nap. I got the dishwasher loaded and started, the laundry sorted and started, starting with the cloth diapers, stripped Michael's bedding and re-made the bed with clean sheets for mom, washed out the diaper pails and cleaned and mopped the upstairs bathroom. It's now 15 min to 6 and time to get supper going - then more cleaning up to go. Still have the downstairs bathroom, mopping the kitching, MS money entries and filing, the rest of the laundry (3rd load in and about 7 loads left to go and that's just since SUNDAY!)

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Meredith said...

Wow! If I were you, I would have had to lie down and take a nap somewhere in the middle of all that! What a blessing you stopped at the auto shop on the way home.