Monday, September 27, 2004

Cheryl's Take on Hair Dye

Tonight I escaped to the Pharmasave on the pretext of refilling the twins Zantac prescription. This with the ulterior motive of using my Dairy Queen coupon to try out the new Brownie Batter Blizzard. (Which BTW - was superb and I enjoyed every single bite).

While waiting for the babies prescription I wandered around the Pharmasave aisles - soon coming upon the row of hair color. While waiting I decided to dye my hair. Not to change my hair colour - but because (shudder) I am graying. This is is due to a defective gene on my father's side - my grandmother was completely gray by age 35. At 29 - I already have a good number of grey hairs - a number that seems to be growing daily and greatly accentuated by my new haircut - courtesy of my sister-in-law Gail last week. After about 10 min of comparing colors and brands - I settled on a box of Garnier Truffle ("medium brown"). The brand decision was helped along by a coupon another thoughtful customer had left on the shelf and the color decision was made by yanking out a bunch of my hair and comparing. I figured the last thing I would need is really obvious growing out roots.

On arriving home (after steathlfully burying the incriminating evidence of a private treat in the outside garbage can) - I played my usual bad cop role and decreed BEDTIME for preschoolers. Under howls of protest they went off to bed and fell asleep in record time - proving me right that it was indeed bedtime. The babies obliged with an evening nap and as soon as they were down I told Allan I was off to the bathroom and would be there a while. "Is there anything you need me to do?" he said. "Only pick up the babies if they cry" (I have learned that it pays to be this specific). So Allan headed to the computer and I headed to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I began to read through the instructions. A full first page warned about the necessity of doing an allergy test 48 hours before using the product - although the kicker was that once the solution was mixed it was to be used immediately. Unable to wrap my head around the logic of that one - I decided to throw caution to the wind and use the hair dye anyway. Other warnings included: contact with eyes would cause blindness and inhaling the fumes could cause serious allergic reactions or asthma attacks. "Someone must have been sued," I thought, but opened the window as a precaution.

Hair dying is quite a procedure - plastic gloves, old towels that get covered in dye, mix this in with that, etc. Finally getting everything in order I applied the stuff and sat for 30 minutes in an old towel with my head UP (not wanting to go blind) reading a Dr. Phil book on relationships (practically the last book in the house I haven't yet read).

After rinsing, conditioning, blow drying (which I never do) - I looked at the results and was amazed. I had MY hair back! I was right on with the color but the gray was gone! I dropped at least 5 years off my looks in less than an hour! Amazing. I asked Allan what he thought. He gave the stock safe male answer: "nice". He agreed it made me look younger.

"You look like a 20-something now" he said.

Since I AM in my 20's that was reassuring. I took some self portraits on the digital camera.


While Allan was downloading my self-portraits - I had a look at his blog. There was a story about the ducks. I realized he had the wrong date and year. He informed me to keep reading, so I did.

The previous terrorist duck trip came back to me - I remember the trip. I told Allan he was a good writer. He stared at me and said, "You wrote that".

"No, I didn't"

"Yes you did".

I kept reading and realized he was right. Which proves my next point - I have lost brain cells from sleep deprivation, pregnancy, and day to day life with small children. I barely have time to write these days at all and when I do - the words I use are much smaller.

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Anonymous said...

It's not just words that get smaller when you have kids. The furniture in our house has shrunk considerably in the last three years. Have you ever noticed how small your chair at the kitchen table is when there's you and two babies sitting in it? Great site! Fantastic photographs....Thanks for sharing them! Heidi LaClair