Thursday, September 30, 2004

It had a "FREE" sign on it!

We were walking today - 5 M's and I - when we passed a man 2 blocks down from our house - putting out a desk at the end of his driveway with a FREE sign on.

I told the kids "lets RUN home" so we can get that desk. I was hoping Allan would be home with the van. They ran and ran. Allan wasn't home but Marianne upstairs (our landlady) said she would keep an eye on the kids in the backyard (twins sleeping in double stroller) and I could take her van to pick up the desk.

It was STILL THERE when I got back and the man saw me struggling with it and helped dis-assemble it and load it up. It is sitting outside now waiting for Allan to get home.

It will be my computer desk - it has monitor stand, keyboard tray, and DRAWERS! "My" desk will probably go for the "kids" computer which is currently perched on a shelving unit - which now can hold MORE BOOKS and the children's art supplies!

My New Desk!
My Desk

I am so excited. Allan's wanted to get me a new desk for a while - we got him an offical desk last year - but it just hasn't been a priority and you can't beat FREE for a price.

The Desk Formerly Known as Cheryl's
Living Room Workstation

Recycled Shelving
Reycled Shelving

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Gail said...

That desk looks like it's in perfect condition! What a score!