Thursday, September 23, 2004

Assisted Insomnia

The twins kept Cheryl up until 2:30am, and then she crashed in our bed and I staggered over to the futon in the nursery with the girls.

They woke me at 4:44 .. I know this because the numbers glowed a dull red at me from the alarm-clock radio on the shelf. I managed a record time (for me) of getting both diapers changed, bottles warmed, babies fed, and back in bed by about 5:30.

But guess who's still up? For the uninitiated, it is a not so good idea to put them back into their cribs and then stay in the room. They can sense in the dark if a parent is nearby and will snuffle piteously to be picked back up again. They won't cry, it's not that urgent.

They, like all children, fight sleep for some reason. My theory is that they all think they're going to miss something really interesting and magical if they let themselves drift into dreamland. (Parents and sleep researchers will attest that it's actually the opposite, kiddos.)

The only way to combat this is to leave the room for a few minutes until they settle down and then you can go back in and try and catch a few more winks yourself. That is, if you've managed to avoid checking e-mail, catching up on any blogs, etc. etc.

They Who Will Not Sleep

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