Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Think I May be Hooked on Professionial Hair Cuts & Coloring

New Hair cut and foil highlights
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

I decided to go to a pro to have my hair fixed. She suggested going shorter but not super-short and doing foils rather than bleaching and redying my entire head. It turned out really nicely. The streaks hide the darker color differences and what shows looks intentional because more foils were done at the top.
The side view

Allan was a saint and took drove the kids around (and through several drive-throughs) for 2 HOURS while I had my hair done. He also was a saint about the cost which he said was not as much as he was afraid it was going to be. No - I'm not saying how much it cost. But I am a lot happier with my hair.

I like the foils

My last 2 haircuts I have done myself at home with my Cut-co kitchen shears. The back was done completely by touch. This is a million times better than that. It's low maintenance as well!

The back view


Mary Anne said...

What a great haircut. She did wonders with blending the coloring too. Well worth the $$ - don't you feel pampered!?

Mama Bird said...

Whoo-eee, girl. You are lookin' good!

Jo said...

That cut and color looks so good on you! I've always thought you were pretty anyway girl but this haircut doesn't hide your face which means even more prettiness to see. ;)

Kudos to Allan for being such a doll!!

LarryandJean said...

Hey, it IS sort of a Dorothy Hamill look! Nice.


Sunny said...

That is SO CUTE! Is it easy to care for? Why don't you just keep it that way?