Wednesday, March 01, 2006

How Interesting ..

Is it a quirk of fate, or a freudian slip to be discussing how one is like unto a donut the same day that the kids go to the dentist?

Cheryl also tells me that Michael is not allowed to leave his kindergarten classroom on his own at the end of his day. A parent or family member has to come 'pick him up'. Apparently the boy discovered this policy after running out of his classroom yesterday to meet his sister at her classroom door so they could go out to the parking lot to meet their mother and go to see the aforementioned medical practioner. So if Cheryl is not there to meet him, his older sister will come get him. The two think this is absolutely hilarious because they consider themselves more or less fraternal twins.

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Mama Bird said...

Methinks that they most definitely enjoyed their dentist visit today more than I did mine. Keep 'em brushing...and avoiding doughnuts, LOL.