Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Megan's talking is so CUTE! I'm blown away by how well she talks and the stuff she says.

Today I called Melissa, and Megan came running in first.

"He--wree! I Mewwwissa - I hewwrreee!"

Then when Melissa got there she said, "No *I* 'lissa" and then laughed hysterically.

Megan has pretended to be Maribeth before ("I MARBEF") and Maribeth has climbed into Megan's bed before when they are told to get into bed, but this is the first that I've seen one of the twins pretend to be one of the older kids!

Then I found Megan in Michael's laundry basket with her pillow and blanket. I said, "Come on Megan."

She said, "No - I sleeeping!"

I said, "Everyone else is downstairs."

She said, "No - I sleeping here ALL NIGHT."

Then there is poor Maddy. Melissa and Michael have blamed Maddy for everything for ages, and now Megan and Maribeth have joined in.

Me: "Who DID this??"

Megan: "Manaline did it!"

Maribeth: "Yeah."

When she and Maribeth were caught playing in the toilet last week and got yelled at, Megan looked remorseful and said, "I had a baaaaddd idea."

We went to the farm/petting zoo on Sabbath afternoon. Megan remembered it today and told Grandmommy on the phone, "Meggy feeded bunny WABBITS .. da wabbits CAWWOTS!"

Today I asked them rhetorically, "What do you want to wear today Megan?"

She ASNWERED, "pwetty dwess".

I got a dress, only it wasn't the right one.

She said, "NOT dat one. PINK ONE.", and pointed towards the pink dress hanging in the closet. Then she wanted BOOTS and NOT the Robeez boots but," 'tomping boots!"

Maribeth wanted the same outfit, so I had two toddlers today wearing pink summer dresses stopping around the house in rain boots!

You can tell they have a big brother because when asked, "what are you doing?", Megan said "we 'TOMPING de ANTS!".

We were reading "Brown bear, brown bear what do you see" and when it said "I see a goldfish", Megan said, "'dat NOT - dat is Owange"!

Oh and Megan can count to 14 and she's teaching Maribeth! I overheard them yesterday, Megan counting ONE and Maribeth echoing one...all the way up until "telve, dirteen, fourteen!!!!!"

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Sunny said...

Too completely cute! Smart one too.