Monday, March 27, 2006

Curb Appeal

Cheryl declared yesterday to be Spring Cleaning day for our front garden. She took Melissa and Madeleine to vacuum out the van and then stopped by Home Depot for some new plants to spruce things up with.

Before she got back with the girls, I grabbed the hoe and got most of the ground in both beds broken up and the weeds sorted out. The basil, oregano, parsley, and chives we planted last year survived the short snow and frosts we had over the winter, so I didn't have much work to do there. We even have some volunteer tulips poking up from the bulbs left behind by the previous occupant of our unit. Unfortunately it looks like the three rododendron bushes that Cheryl got at the end of last summer didn't make it.

Along with the green goodies that Cheryl brought home were a pair of stepping stones to go into the front bed. This is to save both our shoes and the plants in the bed.

She also brought a small heather, some "baby's breath" (not Gyp), some geraniums, some daffodils, and a hanging basket for the eaves near our front door.


Mama Bird said...

Oh, that looks lovely, indeed!

LarryandJean said...

Nice job! That surely looks good.