Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Look what Michael won!

Look what Michael won!
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Our older three children entered a Christmas coloring contest at Fleetwood library last week.

Much to my surprise (because who EVER wins these things!) - Michael WON the contest in the 4 year old category!

Grandpa took him today to pick up his prize. Wich was books! I should have guessed! As another winnter wasn't able to be reached at all - Michael came home with 2 new books!

"The Elephant's Child" by Rudyard Kipling and a book about "SHARKS". We read them both before quiet time today. Melissa was "astonished" by the amount of spanking in the Elephants child.


Anonymous said...

I (GMP) just read these last two updates to Beth and Debbie...and we all immediately cracked up at Melissa's being "astonished".

The Insatiably Curious One thanks you for the photos and updates. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oops! That would be 'satiably curious. (blush)