Friday, December 17, 2004

Farewell to the Volvo

My SIL Gail has a 1983 Volvo that used to belong to Allan's dad. She has been letting Allan drive it most of the time for the past year and was going to gift it to us this month as she's moving to PA. But earlier this week it died on Allan and he had to have it towed into the shop.

The shop called to let us know that they had discovered what the problem was and that they had not fixed it yet, but Allan missed the message on his blackberry so we went in this morning to pick up the Volvo. After waiting for 30 min for the shop to open for the day we got the diagnosis - the wiring harness was "completely rotten": it would be expensive to reapir and a problem the owner of the shop said he didn't want to fix as it wasn't worth it on that vehicle. Now you know when a car repair shop doesn't want to do the repair and charge you for it - then that really is the end the road with a car (and probably a sign of an honest repair shop owner too).

Allan was leaning towards wanting to fix the problem anyway as he's quite emotionally attached to that car. So I had to speak up and let him know that there was just no way that was financially feasible. Especially with the very real possiblity of getting into a co-op townhouse in the next couple months. So Gail will be arranging for the scrapping of the Volvo in the very near future.

Even with the co-op rates being so below real market value - our rent will still go up $200/month plus we will be paying Hydro (runs $75 - $100/month on average) and our own cable internet. So adding that into our budget doesn't allow for a 2nd vehicle at all, even without counting in trying to save up for Allan's trip to the Phillipines with his Dad in April, moving costs (we'll have to rent a truck this time for sure and possibly hire movers), and we still have a bit left to pay off on his Dell Axim X50v. Though I'm am still very glad Allan has that "toy" because it's made life a lot easier for me as well.

Fortunately - the co-op we interviewed with is in Cloverdale - near Langley where Allan works so taking the bus or bicyling to work would not be nearly the ordeal it is from where we currently live. So being a 1 vehicle family would be more do-able from that location.

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