Friday, December 17, 2004

Housing Co-op

Housing Co-op
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A number of people including Allan's co-workers and a public health nurse had suggested we look into co-ops. So back this past fall - we went on the
Co-operative Housing Federation of BC's website to see what co-ops were accepting applications for the waitlist.

We got a call 2 days ago from one of the co-ops we applied to interview for a 4 bdrm townhouse that will be available Feb 1/05. This is the co-op we were hoping to get into!

The interview went well - we were told as far as they were concerned we were a "good interview". But we won't know until sometime in the next couple of weeks. They have to do credit checks, income verification, interview the other 3 people and then membership committee takes their recommendation to the board of directors.

We are in a good spot as applicants are considered in order of application unless another applicant has a more urgent need. We are the first applicants out of four so stand a good chance of getting in.

They liked that Allan could do landscaping as they really need people for that and I am willing to be on finance committee (which is the hardest to fill). We didn't mind as they only require 4 hours per month (beyond caring for your own yard area).

The yards aren't 100% fenced off but have dividers between units. We didn't see the one that's up because they couldn't get a hold of that person - but showed us through another 4 bdrm - apparently they are similar. Some of the features:

- single car garage that doesn't go through to the townhouse.

- Tiny "office" room downstairs near entry big enough for desk/file cabinet/shelf (Allan likes that): though we're not sure if this is or isn't in the unit that will be available as it's not in all the units

- 2 bathrooms(woo hoo!): downstairs has shower, upstairs tub/shower

- 4 small bedrooms upstairs

- washer/dry hookup upstairs

- galley kitchen - small space but has dishwasher and it is a space easy to gate off from small children

- separate dining area off living room

- living room is pretty big and has sliding doors to yard area

- on leaving we would be responsible to re-paint or have unit repainted white

- has dishwasher/fridge/stove/hot water heater for appliances - all replaced/repaired by co-op (w/d is own responsibility)

- all well maintained - playground on the site

- 4 block walk to public school

- if we went over the income cap for the co-op (I believe it's around $62,000 so we have a ways to go for that) then they take the amount we go over the cap, multiply that by 30% , then divide by 12 and add that to the base monthly payment. They don't kick you out.

So we will hear back by the end of Dec and are really hoping and praying that we get this as financee of our landlords brother wants to move in here before the wedding in the spring and will move in as soon as we can move out.

So we shall wait and see.

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