Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Coats, coats and still more coats!

Melissa LOVES her new coat
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

Melissa is thrilled with her new coat from Auntie Gail. It's very new, very pink and very much in style and Melissa is very, very happy with it.

Maddy's had a sizing mix up and will have to be exhanged for a large size. But Maddy still has a brand new coat to wear. Grandpa showed up today with new coats also for Melissa, Michael and Maddy (all matching blue and red with attached mittens) also!

Though Melissa's and Michals are on the small side and will probably be outgrown by January. But all that means is that when the twins hit size 3 - they will have matching coats in probably still excellent condition. The twins coats from Auntie Gail are a bit big still but with the way they are growing - they should fit them soon but may still fit into them next winter.

Plus my parents bought fleece lined shells with wind/rain pants 2 sizes too big for the older three M's. So thanks to all our extended family - our children have their coat needs taken care of for some time to come!

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