Sunday, February 27, 2005

Michael thinks ahead

I wish I had thought ahead myself. If I had, I would have had the batteries to our digicam charged, because if they were charged I would have had the camera with us at church yesterday to capture Michael about to change his underwear during Sabbath School!

We were in the middle of an activity when someone commented, "I smell a poopy diaper!" All of us parents present started checking each of our children. Michael decided that it was himself, so he set about to deal with the problem. I turned my head to see him, with his pants around his ankles, just about to pull down his drawers too!

Cheryl had set out the children's clothes as usual so they could dress themselves after breakfast. Michael felt the underwear he had on were clean, so he put the briefs laid out for him into his backpack to take along "just in case."

My exclamation stopped him in time and we managed to convince him he wasn't the culprit.


Gail said...

Hey, I draw the line at embarrassing photography. And here you go in Flickr saying *I* would've done that when we were kids! I don't think so, unless it was for blackmailing purposes!

Allan said...

I can think of a certain photo of me in make-up that definitely counts as embarrassing photography.

Cheryl said...

No way would you be posting photos of Michael in his underwear. Actually - I don't even want ANY naked photos/bath photos of ANY of the kids at ANY age posted online by EITHER of you two. There are some really sickos out there.