Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Now for the good news

dining room light fixture
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Now that the bad new is out of the way - I need to mention the good news about our new place. Check out Flicker for more photos.

First the dining room light fixture is beautiful! We were told that the "standard" is just a wire for you to hook up your own light fixture - but the previous occupant left her's behind - so we get to keep it!

Next - there will be room in the "office" for both of our desks AND our filing cabinet! The "office" is a small room off the entry area downstairs- too small really for a bedroom - but it has it's own windoww, electrical outlets and a closeable door (which we plan to get child-proofed ASAP!).

We have 2 bathrooms! When we started looking for places to move to - Allan said he was praying for 2 bathrooms as a necessity with 5 females in the house. I had been reading the ads in the paper and had said we couldn't afford anywhere with 2 bathrooms! Well - we have been blessed with 2 bathrooms! PTL!

Downstairs Bathroom
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We have a dishwasher too and it looks to be relatively new! I also can gate off the galley kitchen and so will not have to be so worried about children accidentally getting burned! The kitchen also has 2 windows! One at the end of the galley kitchen the other in front of the sink and it looks out over the walk leading around the garage to our unit - so LIGHT while I"m working in the kitchen.

That brings me to light overall - every room except the downstairs bathroom has at least one window and many of 2 windows! The living room has big sliding glass doors out to the patio area plus another 3 smaller windows!! The dining room area has 2 windows, the upstairs bathroom has a window! Both girls rooms have 2 windows! Our bedroom and Michaels each have one - but even those are big - in fact - I think there's more square inches of window in just our one bedroom window than we had in all of this house!

This will be such a blessing after living in "the dungeon" down here in the basement suite with only a 5 tiny barred windows way above eye level.

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