Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The happy boy has the biggest kids room!

Happy Boy!
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Now I'm sure you all are thinking - "That's not fair - why should the only child to have his own room have the biggest room?"

Well - I can understand that. In fact - prior to our visit to the new house - I had firmly stated "whichever bedroom is the smallest is Michael's - no matter what." No matter what. Famous last words. One would think that with 5 years of parenting down - I would know better by now. Little did I know that within 30 minutes I would have to eat my words.

The smallest bedroom is a very tiny bedroom - too small even to put 2 twin beds size by side and still fit a small dresser. The closet only one-half the size of the other bedroom closets. At first glace it was the obvious choice for Michael. Clearly, 1 boy needs only half the closet space, if that, of 2 girls. Then with his loft bed - he would still have floor space to play. With the thought of the loft bed - my eyes gazed towards the ceiling where I saw "it."

"It" was a trapdoor to a crawlspace over the ceiling. The trapdoor sat there smugly in the center of the room making it blatantly obvious that there was no way to put Michael's high loft bed out of reach of the trap door. In that instant of realization - the twins were relegated to the tinest bedroom I have ever seen.

Allan helpfully said - "well at least this room is right next door to ours - so we can hear the twins if they fuss in the night". ("If." Hahaha, more like "When"!) He also promised to build (remember this everyone) a crib mattress sized toddler trundle or "low" bunk bed set so that when the twins are bigger and out of cribs - they can have some actual floor space.

But still - how come Michael's room is bigger than Melissa and Maddy's? Well - while Allan, Michael and I were pondering the trapdoor - Melissa and Maddy had been checking out the remaning 2 rooms. They were in total agreement - they wanted "the room with 2 windows." They had also in that short time picked WHERE in the room they were putting their bunkbed, shelves and drawers. They didn't care if it was smaller and Melissa cried when I told her that we thought the other room should be for her and Maddy. So we said they could keep "their" room.

So at the end of the day - Michael - the boy who was supposed to get the smallest room "no matter what". Now has the biggest room and biggest closet outside of ours. Though I'm already planning to stash extra blankets and things in that closet because he only has 2 outfits that need hanging up!


Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, this might work out for the best, after all. Weren't you already planning for Michael's room to be the depository of too-small-for-babies items? Now, perhaps there'll be also be space in his room for a bookcase with the FIAR and the expensive sets of books. Or an electic piano keyboard.


Cheryl said...

ack! no keyboards in Michael's room! That will have to go in the living room when we get one.