Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Our first view of our new home!

Our new kitchen
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Allan picked the key up after work and came home to pick us up for our first view of our new place. We stopped at McDonalds for supper on the way there - both in celebration of the occasion and in an effort to speed up the evening so the children wouldn't be up too late.

This is Melissa, Michael and Maddy finishing up their food on the floor of the galley kitchen. Why on the floor in that tiny kitchen you might wonder?

Well - that's the "bad news" of the day. To our dismay the dining room is carpeted - yes carpeted! The unit we toured had linolem running out to the dining room. The co-op committee member showing us around said that she hadn't been in our particular unit before and didn't know there was carpet in there.

Two for dinner
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Apparently when the co-op was built - the original residents had a choice of lino or carpet. Only a few chose carpet and we have one of them. We can request the board to put lino in - instead (or other flooring) - but as the carpet is fine - we were warned would have to pay for it. So we will be off to search for "splat mats" for under the 3 youngest M's highchairs.


Gail said...

My suggestion is to see if you can get some alternative flooring that will sit on top, or a gigantic rug to go over the carpet. You're going to end up paying to replace that carpet in no time, otherwise. As a stopgap, use the bigger one of those blue IKEA rugs I left with Dad. At least they're dark, and you can put them in the washing machine (I've washed them before... the colour runs a bit, so don't put anything else in with it).

Anonymous said...

This is Katiebelle from TS. I recommend using a shower curtain liner from the dollar store under your high chairs. They are huge, easy to clean, cheap, and can be tossed in the washer a few times too! Just be sure not to put them in the drier. We have a carpeted dining room too---who in the world thought that would be a good idea???

Cheryl said...

Definately no one with small children! I think we'll do both - get a rug to put over the carpet AND get the shower curtain liners for under the high chairs. That's a great idea!

Gail said...

The curtain liner sounds like a good idea for under the rug, too, since if somebody spills a jug of liquid, any colour in the rug won't wear into the carpet. Although, the kids and others have spilled on my rugs, and the carpet looked fine even after 7 years.

Kimberly said...

Nothing wrong with getting a 9x12 piece of vinyl at building store for less than $100 and placing it on top of the carpet.