Monday, November 20, 2000

Washing Woes

After almost 2 weeks of clear weather and freezing temperatures the clouds have returned and we are above freezing temperatures.

Wrap up to yesterday's activities. I ran into our landlord again yesterday and he is promising to get the plumbers and flooring people in to set up the plumbing for the washing machine and put lino into the entryway. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Cheryl is more relaxed about all of this than me. She says that the plumbers are probably working on one of the houses in the subdivision and will show up after one of their jobs to fixup our plumbing for the washing machine.

All the laundry was washed. Most of it got folded and put away except for the loads of diapers which are drying on our racks.

Cheryl made bread too, with Melissa's help. The 4 loaves they made turned out very nicely. We are still getting used to our new stove -- it works! -- because it heats up quicker and hotter than those we have used before.

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