Sunday, November 05, 2000

Still settling in

Howdy all. If you have been observant you will have noticed that I have put a note at the bottom of this page to show when the last updates were made to the page. As you can see it is very AM here on the wet coast and yes, it says Monday and not Sunday. All I can say is that life's just like that these days...

I'll try and catch you up on events around here since Cheryl's post last Thursday. All I ask is that you, umm, uhh, remember that we're not really good at the short-term memory thing right now due to the extended sleep deprivation experiment we have been participating in since the arrival of uhh, the ems. You know what I mean.

We got quite a lot of mail from folks who read Cheryl's post. Thank-you all for the nice words. Cheryl is indeed a very good writer. Many friends and family have tried to tell her so, but she waves us away, claiming "oh, but I'm NOT a writer. I don't have a creative bone in my body." Well, phooey on that noise says I..

Michael seems to have recovered from his squashings by his overly enthusiastic big sister. He is surely going to turn into a tough little boy, but I must say that he still looks distinctly nervous when she comes too close.

Small correction on the official first bubble bath for Melissa. 'Twas her aunt Gail who lathered her first. If you remember, while we were moving house and home, it was Gail who had the Sweet Baboo and bubbled her. Pictures were taken, but have not been scanned yet. Stay tuned.

In case you were wondering, the squash in Cheryl's post was a spaghetti squash and it made a very tasty custard (really it did). About the only give-away that it was squash was that it did not have quite the smooth texture of pumpkin. Cheryl recommends that you do not tell the diners it is squash until they have consumed their servings with great gusto and lip-smacking.

Cheryl's wrist is feeling better, but only just.

Unfortunately, the drawer-locks provided by the GMP are not going to work in preventing recurrences of last Thursday's "locked in the bathroom" situation. I cannot lock the drawer shut using them. For now we are keeping very vigilant in closing the bathroom door whenever it is not in use. The Baboo has been co-operating by showing very little interest in solitary bathroom expeditions.

Friday evening just before I got home, a fuse "blew" in the circuit that supports most of our suite. Only the stove, hall-lights, and outlets in our bedroom remained powered. Our landlord and I spent about 20 minutes checking the breaker panel in the garage before we gave it up because his family and our family were both going out for the evening. As it turned out the power was not restored until this evening and we spent pretty much the whole weekend partially in the dark.

Melissa handled this reasonably well for a toddler. She was spooked by going to sleep in her room without the familiar comfort of her nightlight. She kept getting up and wailing. We did NOT get much sleep on account of this.

According to the electrician who got the power going again, the cause of the power failure seems to have been our ancient toaster. In all sincerity I doubt it, but since I wasn't home when it happened, I can't prove it. The cause of the power not coming back when the fuses were reset seems to have been a finicky switch in the breaker panel. Sigh. At any rate, our landlord knows which fuse it is, and the outage didn't cost us any money so I am content with that.

I have been busy with my cordless drill and we now have coat-hooks affixed to the wall in our hall-way. No more mass of wet jackets sitting by our door.

Our landlord also brought over his pressure washer from one of his job-sites nearby so that I could use it to clean up our stairwell. Algae had started to grow on the concrete (and moss would be next you know) as well as on the treads of our stairs. I pressure washed the slippery green gunk off both so now our area looks clean and the stairs are safe.

For the sake of the GMP who loves pictures, I am posting some new snapshots from the Polaroid Fun Flash digital camera:

A boy and his dad

Melissa in the Excer-Saucer

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