Tuesday, November 14, 2000

A minor miracle!

The temperature dipped below 0C / 32F the last couple of nights and we've had some frost. This was a fact I did not take into consideration when I started out on my bike this morning. There is this long hill that I get to ride down when I start out. Normally, it is a very welcome part of the ride, but by the bottom of the hill, I knew I should have got some gloves to ride with.

One other funny item was that my front brakes seem to be always on. It was like pedalling through molasses. Wierd. I'll have a look at it when I get home tonight.

Cheryl writes:

It's a miracle! Michael went to sleep at 11:30pm last night and slept until 3:30am! Then he woke at 5am and 8:15am for feeding and changing. Michael had soaked his yellow onesie and fuzzy sleeper this morning, he was so wet. Then he pooped....yuck! I put him into a clean diaper and change of clothes.

Melissa woke up around 5am wanting water and woke up at 8:30 am for the day. She had to wait, a bit unhappily, for her diaper change while I finished taking care of Michael. They are both so happy and rested and I am too!

Allan took his bicycle to work today as I am taking Michael in for his photos. Allan wants Michael to wear his Osh-Kosh denim overalls and shirt from Aunt Cindy. I am going to comply with that even though I kind of wanted "baby clothes". He looks so good in the dark green sleeper from Aunt Mary Beth that I had to take some photos! I managed to catch the begninning and ending of one of Michael's wonderful smiles, just not the best middle part. You can tell he's happy though.

Melissa is also just adorable in her pink and white Osh-Kosh overalls and fountain hair! She squealed and laughed at herself in the mirror when I showed it to her this morning. I could not find a barrette and wanted to get her hair out of her face for her syrupy breakfast waffles.

Michael was sleeping on the floor and Melissa decided to gift him with the rock a stack, she bounced several rings and a soft ball off of various parts of his sleeping figure before I was able to move him into his bouncy chair. She really, really wants him to play with her!

I'm sure Allan will put some of these on the webpage, but I HAD to send them all out right away. I should really start trying to update the webpage at some point myself I guess.

Love, Cheryl, Melissa, and Michael

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