Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wagon ho!

Wagon ho!
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Within a 48 hour span we've switched to completely new child-carrying devices. The double stroller, maddeningly past warranty, literally snapped in half on Thursday as I was pushing it loaded with the twins and groceries. Allan points out that it was a light-weight stroller and NOT meant to have the basket stuffed with groceries and have more groceries hanging off the handles. Then the green wagon has been dealing with front axle failure, so that wasn't a good backup option. It was only kind of usable and not good for really loading up. We stuck it out by the road with a free sign and it was gone overnight.

The first purchase (not pictured) was a single stroller from a consignment store on Thursday. Allan has attached the Buggy-board to it and now I basically have a "sit and stand" type of contraption for the twins. They can take turns riding in the stroller, on the buggy-board, or just walking.

But the big find was on Craiglist yesterday: listed as a kid's chuck wagon. It had been used for a paper route and is in excellent condition. It has real pneumatic wheels, a pad in the bottom for comfort, and a removeable rain/sun canopy. There is room for twins plus sand toys or groceries, or for the twins and Maddy. To be honest, if I had found this first, I might not have bought the single stroller. Hopefully this is the end of the road for new strollers and/or wagons. The kids just love the new wagon.

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