Friday, October 06, 2006

Maribeth potty-training update

Posted on behalf of Cheryl

First day in panties all day: she only had ONE accident and it was my fault really as I was on the phone and could NOT take her when she needed to go and then she didn't make it; even being out of the house much of the day. She tells me when she has to go but then I also am having her go before we leave the house anymore. I'm taking spare clothes with me everywhere in a wetbag just in CASE of an accident!

Maddy is having fits though because she decides she has to go too anytime Maribeth tells me she has to go. Maddy gets mad about waiting for Maribeth OR having to walk UPSTAIRS or DOWNSTAIRS (to whatever floor we aren't on) to use the 2nd bathroom. Of course since DH and I grew up in houses with one bathroom when we were young AND since Michael and Melissa remember having only one bathroom, Maddy is NOT getting a lot of sympathy from anyone about either waiting for her younger sister or (gasp) walking to the other bathroom. She has had a couple of accidents after deciding that she would NOT walk upstairs to the potty and if I wouldn't let her go downstairs before Maribeth, she wouldn't go potty AT ALL. THAT didn't work out so well for her. I shouldn't laugh but, "If I can't pee first - i won't pee at all", is just NOT a stand to take.

That saidm Maddy herself hasn't even been potty trained a year yet. She potty trained in November/December last year and still had accidents even through this spring. Megan shows no interest yet, but Maribeth is sure trying.

"I'm a big girl - I wear my panties."

"I went pee in potty. MEGGY - you need to go potty."

"Mama - change BABY'S diaper: Megan poopy."

Megan reacts to be called a "baby" by saying "gaa gaa, goo goo" in affected baby talk. Still, I'm hoping twin power will work eventually.

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