Sunday, October 29, 2006

Madeleine Turns Five

Playing catch-up here. Maddy's birthday was October 22 - one week ago. She had a really great day; Cheryl did a really big build-up, with a Pink Princess themed day. Madeleine just ate it up. All of her sibs liked the girly pink thing, except the boy, but he was told in so many words to play nice or he could sit the day out.

Cheryl putting up the streamers

Birthday balloons

Feathered pens, kewl!!!!

Later on that day we went over to my mother's place as she had a gift for Madeleine too. To her credit, Maddy was a perfect little lady and behaved herself very well at Granny's house.

A couple of days after Maddy's birthday a package arrived from my sister in Toronto. After Madeleine got the wrapping off, she was really on Cloud 9.

The Pink Princess

I don't know how long Cheryl is going to keep it up with the themed birthday parties, but I'm really wondering how she's going to top herself when the twins birthday rolls around next February.

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