Saturday, February 14, 2004

Megan & Maribeth - Day #12

Breaking news! Megan tried nursing today! We arrived at the hospital at 2:30pm after wading through backed up traffic from an accident on the highway near our neighbourhood. Cheryl pumped for a bit while I unloaded approximately 50 bottles of frozen breastmilk. Then we went to the nursery to see our girls. They were just waking as we arrived, so our timing worked out anyway.

Cheryl had Megan on her chest for about 20 minutes. Megan managed to latch on, but tuckered out pretty quick trying to stay latched and deal with the milk coming out. I got to hold Megan next and the nurse set up a tube feed. Cheryl shifted over to Maribeth then got up and went to pump some more. All in all, I got to hold Megan for almost 90 minutes straight. She's doing very well.

Megan was 1895g as of morning weigh in. She is taking EBM + HmF, 39 cc's every 3 hours or so. Nurses note she is voiding and stooling regularly. Megan got a tub bath on Friday too..

Maribeth was 1345g as of morning weigh in. She is taking EBM + Hmf, 18 cc's every 2 hours or so. Maribeth is also voiding and stooling well. Her left eye was crusting, but is doing well now. Maribeth also got a tub bath on Friday..

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