Friday, March 05, 2004

Megan & Maribeth - Homecoming!

A homecoming

bound safe and warm in their cockleshells
the two weary travellers did land safe
to hearth and home and joyous welcome
amid prayers of thankfulness and gratitude

The children are asleep, except for a fussing Madeleine. I have been dispatched to download photos and to let you all know they are now safe at home.

Megan's discharge weight -- 2570g / 5# 11oz

Maribeth's discharge weight -- 1840g / 4# 1oz

Thus I have fulfilled my first duty.

The second mission must be deferred.

I am sending photos to Larry at home and he can post them at his convenience. He has been kept busy by his duties, so we must not presume upon him to lay sanity and health aside. Bate your collective breath ladies.

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