Friday, February 06, 2004

Megan & Maribeth - Day # 4

Yes, I know, Friday - Monday is 5 days, but it's really Day 4 because they were born in the afternoon.

Good news and much gratitude to you all for the prayers for Cheryl's spinal headache. This morning the blood patch seems to have taken hold and Cheryl's headache has subsided from the mind-bending torture test to a more managable dull ache.

They are going to keep her there tonight to make sure she's alright for an additional 12 hours beyond the normal 24 and then I am going to bring her home in the morning.

I brought her a 4-pack of those little Starbucks frappucino bottles when I went to visit her this morning, so you needn't worry that she isn't getting enough caffeine

The ebbing of the headache means that Cheryl can now sit up more easily for pumping. She has expressed enough vials that she is a day ahead of the girls feeding-wise, so this should provide us with enough cushion that Cheryl can come home here, pump here, and I can drive her supplies into the hospital. As mentioned before, the nurses there are quite pleased with Cheryl's production, but all nod knowingly when we explain that the 3 previous M's were all breastfed.

The girls slept all the while that I was visiting. Maribeth is off the bili light and is sleeping soundly. She has a lot of catching up to do, so it is just as well. Megan is back under the light with her spa mask firmly in place and her diaper off for maximum coverage (and no bikini tan lines).

They haven't quite turned the corner yet on the post-partum weight loss, but the nurses weren't too concerned. They said that most of the little ones they see only start gaining 7-10 days after birth.

As a final thought: the silver lining here is that Cheryl is now willing to 'rest up' in this post-partum period so as to avoid a possible recurrence of the spinal headaches. She seems to recognize that the fastest way for her to see the girls regularly is to accept the return to bedrest and heal properly.

Thank-you again everyone for your prayers, support, and e-mails.

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