Monday, June 19, 2006

A Really Cool Father's Day Gift From Cheryl

Was it technology? Nope.

Was it something yummy? Nah, it was better than that.

Was it something dressy? No, Cheryl knows that ties are not my thing.

So? Whadjaget? Well, I had to get up at 5:30 am to go and get it. Ha ha! I didn't have to wear a wetsuit, but I did have my PFD. I got to see a seal, an osprey, and a heron. The first and third animals I got to see pretty close.

At this point, I'm pretty sure family and friends have figured out that my Father's Day present was to go for an early morning sail or paddle. I had a great time and have Cheryl to thank for it. I should thank the kids too, for not aggravating her too much while I was out. I got home around 9 am and she had waffles made up for us, yum!

This year Cheryl signed me up for a one day, early morning paddle put on by the city Parks & Rec. There were just under a dozen of us out on the water yesterday morning.

The city had some nice new kayaks and equipment. All of the boats seemed to be new as of the last year, so they were not at all beat-up like you see in most public or camp recreation programs. Purists may grumble that they are 'tupperware boats', but it's really not feasible to use laminate (fibreglass or kevlar) kayaks in rental or public recreation programs.

There were a mix of Nimbus and Necky kayaks there. I was quite familiar with the Necky boats they had, as I used to work for a paddle shop just down the road from the Necky factory. The Nimbus boats were completely new to me as Nimbus was only building laminates at the time I worked in the industry. They seemed to be quite nice, but I was content to hop in the 'tubby' Kyook and leave the 'sporty' boats to the others in the group - almost all of whom were not experienced paddlers. I figured our guide might want an extra hand in a stable boat if anyone dumped their boat - though it was probably not very likely given that we were at slack tide on a very calm and still morning.

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