Monday, June 12, 2006

Melissa's birthday present

Melissa's birthday present
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A really rare thrift store find. A nearly new Norco Tumbleweed in almost mint condition. Now she needs to learn how to ride it! No training wheels on this one. We are hoping she figures out how to ride a 2 wheeler on the very tiny 2-wheeler at Grandpa and Grandmommy's sthis summer. This new one is still a bit big for her and she's very intimidated of crashing. It also would be hard to learn on as she can't touch the ground quite yet while sitting on the seat even on the lowest sitting. But this is a quality children's bike in excellent condition that should last her quite a few years until she's ready for her full-sized bike. The older smaller one we picked up for cheap last summer will be on the list to get fixed up for Maddy when she outgrown Michael's tiny toddler-sized bike.

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LarryandJean said...

What a blessing! And she'll definitely be able to touch the ground on that little-bitty one--which should be a great confidence builder.