Monday, April 03, 2006

When Mom's Away

The M's will play. Cheryl had a concert in Abbotsford yesterday so I got to mess around with the kids at home. We got some stuff done, but nowhere near what Cheryl can accomplish when she's running the crew.

Aside from the green waffles already mentioned, the M's did some unsupervised "face painting". Thankfully I caught Melissa and Michael before they managed to get the youngest three made up like pixies or kittens or something.

After cleaning up that debacle, I put the twins down for a nap and set the older three to watching "Lion King". I sent the twins back to bed at least 10 times and then stood in their doorway until they got groggy enough to conk.

I managed about 30 minutes of uninterrupted clean-up in the kitchen before I heard the older 3 exclaim that Maribeth had come down to watch the movie. Oh well, might as well get Megan up too. At least they got a short nap in and will likely make it to bedtime and zonk on time for the night.

After the movie was over, I kicked all the kids outside into the backyard, while I finished up with the downstairs sweeping and vacuuming. They were pretty good. I only had to chase the twins back into the backyard twice and tell Michael to put down a stick once.

I really got some work done when Michael and Madeleine discovered a worm and everyone except Melissa crowded around. Their harassing of that poor worm must have eaten up a good 20 or 30 minutes. However I knew the party was over when Melissa came in and informed me that Michael was playing with the hose. Apparently the worm was "thirsty" and "dirty" so Micheal felt it needed a "drink / shower".

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Mama Bird said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon, indeed!